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Experience real-time rendering with LiveSync for AutoCAD®

Bring your AutoCAD models to life

Lumion is a 3D rendering software made specifically for architects. If you use Autodesk AutoCAD for your 3D modeling, Lumion can help you visualize your designs with ease and simplicity.

You can easily experience your AutoCAD models in Lumion’s stunning, lifelike environments, complete with accurate lighting, shadows, and realistic materials. You can add context surrounding your project with landscaping tools, a rich content library with thousands of assets, and multiple easy-to-use rendering effects.

Lumion and AutoCAD work seamlessly together, helping you save time when developing your design. You can also set up real-time rendering with the Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD plugin, available for free, and quickly produce renders at any point in your process.

A better workflow for faster results

Lumion and AutoCAD work seamlessly together, helping you save time when developing your design.

You can easily set up a real-time rendering workflow with the free Lumion LiveSync plug-in for AutoCAD and quickly produce renders at any point in your design process.

LiveSync for AutoCAD

Model and render in real-time

The free Lumion LiveSync plugin lets you set up a simultaneous, real-time connection between your 3D model in AutoCAD and Lumion. 

Change the model’s design in AutoCAD and you’ll instantly see the updates in Lumion. With this view of your model, you can experience it in a living environment and explore how design decisions will impact the look and feel of the project in its real-life context.

Boost your design workflows

Experience the power of real-time rendering with Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD.

LiveSync for AutoCAD feature highlights

  • Real-time rendering with AutoCAD and Lumion

  • Always experience high-quality renders while you work

  • Change the 3D model in AutoCAD and instantly view the changes in Lumion

  • Transform AutoCAD materials into beautiful materials

  • Give your 3D model a lifelike setting with people, cars, furniture, water, trees, weather, and more

  • Create compelling images, videos, and 360 panoramas

  • View your model with styles and other cinematic effects with a single click

Model import guidelines for AutoCAD users

In addition to real-time rendering with LiveSync for AutoCAD, Lumion can quickly and seamlessly import a saved AutoCAD .DWG file. After importing the model and working on your Lumion project, you can easily re-import the model without losing any of your saved work.

To learn more about the model import guidelines for AutoCAD, as well as a few tips for improving your experience when using AutoCAD for your Lumion renderings, please visit this Knowledge Base guide.

Lumion for

Bring your structures to life with the greatest ease, in the highest quality

Visualize interior spaces as if they are ready to be lived or worked in

Create lifelike landscapes with details only found in nature itself

Lumion is free for students and faculties around the world

An extension of your imagination

With Lumion, you’re in control of your ideas. Create stunning visualizations of every angle of your design — at any point in your creative process

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