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Discover what’s inside Lumion Standard and Lumion Pro
Lumion Standard

Lumion Standard has a limited selection of rendering effects and comes with 1/3 of the entire content library..

Available as:

  • 1 Year Subscription
  • 3 Year Subscription
Lumion Pro

Lumion Pro is a complete visualization solution and comes with the complete content library and all rendering effects.

Available as:

  • 1 Year Subscription
  • 3 Year Subscription




Total asset library (incl. materials)
3,957 assets
9,496 assets
Fine-detail nature
Surface decals
Customizable 3D grasses
Foliage for materials
Soften hard edges
Materiales de piel
Fur materials
Metallic car shader
Animated phasing
Volumetric lights effect
Volumetric fire
Speedray™ reflections
Rain streaks
Merge project files (for projects with multiple users)
OpenStreetMap (satellite and height maps)
Ambient sound effects
123 sound effects
Limited title effects
27 title effects, 12 built-in fonts, support for custom fonts
Main movie sound effect
Scene editor
Organize your scene with multiple layers
Easy model placement
Intuitive material editing
Landscape editing and rendering
Advanced sky and cloud rendering
Realistic water rendering
Upgraded OpenStreetMap import (with height and satellite maps)
Landscape editor
Responsive terrain elevation editor
Custom terrain material sets
Custom terrain texture import
Terrain texture paintbrush
Customizable landscape grasses with scatter objects (weeds, leaves, stones)
Custom water planes
Ocean tool with waves slider, turbidity, color
Waterfall materials
Movie editor
Intuitive camera animation editor
Sun/sky animations
Add title screens, scene and post-processing effects
Animation import (move/rotate/scale animations)
Keyframe-based animation
Animated effects
Team collaboration
Merge project files
Importar y LiveSync
3D model import:
LiveSync® compatibility for:
Compatibilidad LiveSync® para:
AutoCAD®, SketchUp®, Revit®, Allplan®, ArchiCAD®, Rhino 6® and newer, Vectorworks®, BricsCAD®, Autodesk FormIt®
Image import:
tga, .dds, .psd, .jpg, .bmp, .png
Material map import:
PBR compliant maps
Video import (.mp4)
Lightmap import:
e.g. from AutoDesk® 3D Studio Max
Custom IES spotlights
2D background sound/music (.wav)
Model and material variation options
Output image resolution
1280×720 (0.9 Megapixel), 1920×1080 (2.1 Megapixel), 3840×2160 (8.4 Megapixel), 7680×4320 (33.2 Megapixel)
Output formats
MP4 (códec AVC), JPG, TGA, BMP PNG
Output video resolution
640×360 (480p), 1280×720 (720p), 1920×1080 (1080p), 2560×1440 (1440p), 3840×2160 (4K), Output to image sequence: Max 3840 x 2160px
Output video frame rates
Output to MyLumion® 360 Panoramas
Output 360 panoramas for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift
Additional output maps (depth, normal, specular reflection, lighting, sky alpha, material ID)
Output of sound in MP4
3D model library assets
Total number of 3D models
Animated nature, animated 3D people, animated animals (birds, farm animals, pets, fish), animated children
Fine-detail nature
Plants, trees
Broadleaf trees, cacti, clusters, conifers, flowers, forest wood, grass, leaves, leafless trees, palms, plants, rocks, weeds, and stylized trees
Seating, tables, electronics and appliances, kitchen items, bathroom items, lighting, decoration, storage, plumbing, food and drink, garden and outdoor items, assorted objects
People and Animals
Animals, 2D/3D people, animated people, silhouettes, and stylized characters
Various transportation items including cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, buses, trains, construction and emergency vehicles, boats, air vehicles, and stylized cars
Material library assets
Total number of materials
Various terrain materials
Customizable 3D grass material
Leaf materials
7 material types (water, glass, billboard, lightmap, etc.)
Custom materials library
Environment & weather
Real skies, 60 landscape types, 6 water types, customizable weather (cloud cover, sun position), ocean with waves slider, turbidity, color, waterfall materials
Preajustes Water presetsagua
Parallax interiors
Surface decals
3D ambient sounds
23 sound effects
Title effect styles
14 basic styles
27 styles
Customizable license plates
10 countries & all U.S. states
10 countries & all U.S. states
Volumetric fire
Spotlights/omni lights
Area/line lights
Character billboard, clipping plane, grid, measure, reflection control, text
* Some vegetation and foliage made with SpeedTree Modeler.
Movie & photo effects
Concept: Outlines, Sketch, Pastel sketch
Architectural: Photo matching, Sun study, 2-Point perspective, Blueprint, Styrofoam, Orthographic views
Lighting: Real skies, Custom HDRI skies, Sun, Shadow, Reflection, Sky light, Hyperlight, God rays, Volumetric sunlight, Ray tracing
Lighting: Volumetric lights, Spreedray™ reflections
Sky & weather: Sky and clouds, Fog, Contrails, Volume clouds, Wind, Horizon cloud, Moon, Autumn colors
Sky & weather: Aurora Borealis, Precipitation
Camera: Handheld camera, Exposure, Depth of field, Lens flare, Chromatic aberrations, Fish eye, Tilt shift
Pre-set camera paths: Dolly shot, Orbit path, Follow object
Animation: Mass move, Fade in/out, Advanced move, Move, Time warp, Motion blur, Animate light colors
Animation: Animated phasing
Artistic: Painting, Watercolor, Manga, Cartoon, Oil painting
Enhancements: LUT color grading, Color correction, Analog color, Lab, Vignette, Bloom, Sharpen, Noise, Selective, Saturation, Bleach
Tools/Utilities: Image overlay, Side-by-side 3D stereo, Print poster enhancer, Layer visibility, Variation control, Near clip plane, Water, Material highlight
Tools/Utilities: Sound
Special effects
Fire, Fog, Fountains, Leaves, Smoke
Total number of decals
English (default language), Chinese, Chinese (TW), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish (ES), Turkish, Slovak
Internet connection required

Lavabos modernos

Explora los nuevos fregaderos de acero inoxidable ahora disponibles en la Biblioteca Lumion.

Nuevos objetos y electrodomésticos

Combine fácilmente los nuevos objetos y electrodomésticos para crear elegantes diseños de cocina que se adapten a sus necesidades.

Estantes y menaje de cocina

Los nuevos objetos de cocina vienen en variedad de materiales (vidrio, porcelana, cerámica, madera y metal) brindándote mayores opciones para combinar y contrastar diferentes estilos y estéticas.

Iluminación Día Noche

Transfiera fácilmente de la luz natural a la artificial para transmitir diferentes estados de ánimo en diferentes momentos del día.


Textures and decals

Easily change the texture of any surface, add road markings, or show imperfections with surface decals.


Con miles de materiales de alta calidad, podrás encontrar fácilmente la textura adecuada para cada superficie exterior o importar las tuyas propias.

Nature items

Create beautifully accurate landscape designs with Lumion’s wide selection of fine-detail nature, small plants, flowers, weeds, shrubs, and more.


Achieve greater realism with lifelike reflections that appear exactly where they would in real life.

Materials and textures

Add a touch of realism to your surfaces with thousands of high-quality materials. Choose the perfect stone, brick, or wood, customize its properties, or import your own textures.


Breathe life into your design with thousands of nature items, from the smallest shrubs to the tallest trees.rees.

Terrain Context

Shape the landscape surrounding your architectural design by adding fields, mountains, and oceans at the touch of a button.

You can easily import your own custom models to give your terrains a more distinctive look.

High-quality materials

Lumion comes with a wide collection of high-quality materials that make it easy to add texture and realism to your interior surfaces.

Volumetric fire

Cast a feeling of coziness and warmth over your interior renders with easy-to-apply volumetric fire objects.

Furniture and objects

Convey the unique personality and style of each space with thousands of interior furniture, objects, plants, and decorations.

Texturas e adesivos

Altere facilmente a textura de qualquer superfície, adicione placas de sinalização ou mostre imperfeições com adesivos de acabamento.


Com milhares de materiais de alta qualidade, você pode encontrar facilmente a textura certa para cada superfície externa ou importar a sua própria.

Itens da natureza

Crie projetos de jardins lindamente precisos com a ampla seleção do Lumion de detalhes minuciosos da natureza, pequenas plantas, flores, ervas daninhas, arbustos e muito mais.

Real Skies

It takes a single click to go from a clear blue morning to a stormy afternoon or an unforgettable sunset.

Whichever mood you want to convey in your architectural renderings, you can pick from any of the 59 HDRI skies available in Lumion and instantly see the result.


Obtenha maior realismo com efeitos de reflexo realistas que aparecem exatamente onde apareceriam na vida real.

Materiais e texturas

Dê um toque de realismo às suas superfícies com milhares de materiais de alta qualidade.

Escolha a pedra, o tijolo ou a madeira perfeita, personalize suas propriedades ou importe suas próprias texturas.


Dê vida ao seu projeto com milhares de itens da natureza, desde os menores arbustos até as árvores mais altas. 

Contexto do cenário

Molde a paisagem ao redor do seu projeto arquitetônico adicionando campos, montanhas e oceanos com o toque de um botão.

Você pode importar facilmente seus próprios modelos personalizados para dar aos seus cenários uma aparência distinta.

Materiais de alta qualidade

O Lumion vem com uma ampla coleção de materiais de alta qualidade que facilitam a adição de textura e realismo às superfícies de seus interiores.

Fogo vultuoso

Transmita uma sensação de aconchego e calor em suas renderizações de interiores com objetos de fogo vultuoso fáceis de aplicar.

Móveis e objetos

Transmita a personalidade e o estilo exclusivos de cada espaço com milhares de móveis, objetos, plantas e decorações de interiores.


With thousands of high-quality materials, you can easily find the right texture for every outdoor surface, or import your own.